How You Can Use ICSA Resources to Help Yourself or a Loved One

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How You Can Use ICSA Resources to Help Yourself or a Loved One

If you have been affected by the destructive aspects of a cultic group, you may at some point feel that the public should be made aware of the harm that has been done. For many who leave such groups, the need for others to recognize and bear witness to what they have been through is followed by a wish to expose the group and bring the leaders to justice. Former members also often want to provide support and encouragement to other former members who are struggling with recovery issues.

Another situation that arises frequently is that a family discovers that one of the adult children has gotten drawn into a situation the family considers to be dangerous and cultlike; or a wife discovers her husband has gotten into such a situation; or a friend sees a friend getting involved in something suspicious. Families, spouses, friends want to know, “How do I help this person get out of this cultic situation?”

Anyone who cares about the problem of cults can find a way to take action. ICSA exists to support anyone who has suffered from abuse in cultic groups, or who cares about someone who has. ICSA has many members who have years of experience in dealing with cults, and the organization provides information and resources that are available for anyone seeking help, seeking support, and seeking a way to make a difference by helping others.

  • ICSA’s support page is a good place to begin if you want to help families or former members seeking assistance (

  • You may also help others by contributing to ICSA conferences or encouraging people to attend ICSA conferences or workshops (

  • If you want to focus on preventive activities, see ICSA’s Education study guide for educators, “Overview: Educators, Cults, and Related Groups” (, and consider becoming involved in ICSA’s Spiritual Safe Haven Network (SSHN) (

Or you may help others in a variety of other ways, described on ICSA’s “Help Others: Get involved with ICSA!” page (