Counseling Cultists and Their Families

Counseling Cultists and Their Families

Robert E. Schecter, PhD (Editor)

American Family Foundation, 1983

The following chapters are available as separate PDFs. (Each begins with the book's title pages and table of contents to provide information on the source of the chapter.)

An Approach to Non-coercive Exit Counseling

Gary M. Scharff & Hilly Zeitlin

Three Modes of Counselling: Reevaluation, Rentry, Family

Michael D. Langone

Toward Family Reunification: Counseling the Cult Recruit

Yehuda Fine & Zalman Corlin

Exit Counseling: Working to Undo the Shackles of Mind Control

Steve Hassan

Three Elements of Cult Counseling

Allen Tate Wood

“Unbound”: Iowa Rehabilitation Center

The staff of Unbound

The Norfolk Enrichment Center

Carla Pfeiffer

Spiritual Reconnection: An Approach to Counseling Cultists

Martin Dann